Creating a custom field
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Custom fields are created in the “Custom fields” section of the system administrative settings.

Custom fields- custom fields are data input fields that allow you to enter additional information about a customer or order that are not available by default. Let's analyse the values ​​of the main fields:

  • Field for - Select where the created custom field will be displayed. Available locations: order/customer/corporate customer card, and corporate customer's company.
  • Symbolic code- A reference code comprised of letters, numbers and underscores. It is used for synchronisation with the site so that the value in the field is uploaded via API. The code is generated automatically if this field is left blank.
  • Field type - Eight fields types are available to choose from: string, text, integer, number, "Yes/No" checkbox, data book, date, and Email.


If you select the "integer" and "number" field types, entries that start with 0 will be deleted.

  • Required field - The field will be marked as required (to fill in). The option also affects the operation of the API. For example, an error will be displayed if, when creating / editing an order via API, no information is entered in a required custom field.
  • Available in filter - The field will be available in the field display settings in the filter. The field also affects how the API works. An error will be displayed if an unavailable filter was used when uploading orders via API.
  • Available in the list - The field will be available in the table output settings.
  • Available for bulk operations - The field will be available for bulk operations from the list. Please note that the field must be editable. Displaying- Drop-down list with the options "Editable", "Not editable" and "Absent". If you select the option "Not editable", the field in the order or customer card cannot be changed manually, however it will still be possible to edit it via API and triggers. If you set the option "Absent", the field will not be displayed in the customer / order card, however it be available for interaction via API. This functionality is mainly used for service fields, for example Roistat ID, IP, utm tags, etc.
  • Displaying in the mobile application- A drop-down list similar to that presented in the "Displaying" setting. If you select the "Editable" value, the custom field becomes editable in the card of the order, customer, corporate customer and/or their company in the mobile application. The custom field is available in bulk operations in the application if the "Editable" option is selected.


In the mobile application, custom fields are not displayed in the lists of orders and customers, so there is no need to activate the "Available in the list" option.

  • Display area- the area in which the created custom field will be displayed. If the area is not selected, a new field will appear at the end of the order/customer card in the "Additional data" block.

Restrictions related to custom fields

The system has a limit on the number of custom fields that can be created (250).

For certain types of fields, there is a limit on the number of characters:

  • string - 1000 characters;
  • text - 10,000 characters;
  • data book - 255 characters;
  • integer - 10 digits;
  • number - 14 digits.


The "Email" field type works according to the GetAnyEmail method in the order and customer card. That is, the "Email" fields are taken into account when receiving incoming email and are offered as suggestions in the "To" field when composing an email.

If a URL is entered in a non-editable custom field, it will be displayed as a clickable link.

Deleting a custom field

It is also possible to delete custom fields. When you click on the delete button (recycle bin), all the values ​​that were entered in this field will also be deleted.

Note that if a custom field is used in segmentation, it cannot be deleted. First, you need to remove it from the segment condition, and then you will be able to delete the custom field itself.

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