Printed forms (Main settings)
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A printed form is a file that is generated from an order or a list

Two steps are required to set up a printed form:

  1. Configuring the main settings of the printed form: general (name of the form, activity, types of orders); and printing characteristics (orientation of the sheet, sheet format).
  2. Edit the code of the original template or creating a new template code

Printed form setting functions:

*Template type*- gives you a choice between creating a template for just one order, or for a list of orders (for mass printing). File name**- the name that is generated when exporting a file from an order. Plain text and Twig template can be used for the name.


The name generation template will not be used when printing large groups of files.

*Sheet format*- choose from a selection of sheet format options: A6, A5, A4, A3 or custom size. When choosing a custome size, the required sheet width and height are indicated in the corresponding fields. Sheet margins- the value for all four sheet margins, specified in millimeters. The default value is 10 mm. Types of orders- select the types of orders for which the newly created printed form will be available. Preview**- see a preview of the printed form without saving (with the substitution of test data).

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