The role of a trigger in the system. Steps for creating various types of triggers and controlling their execution.

Changing trigger conditions for sending a track number
In version 8.0 of the system, we have changed the delivery registration process. Triggers that are used to send email or SMS messages with delivery tracking information must now be changed.
General information about triggers
A trigger in an event-driven tool used to automate various system processes. A trigger is activated when a specified event occurs, checks a set of given conditions and performs actions if the conditions are met.
List of triggers
We will tell you about the peculiarities of working with the list of triggers and trigger groups.
How to create a trigger
Triggers are created and configured in the "Triggers" section of the system administrative settings. This article describes the fields that must be filled in for triggers to be executed properly.
Adding an action to a trigger
Triggers are used so that you can automate the sending of notifications, e-mails, SMS messages, and set tasks according to pre-specified rules.
Deleting a trigger
The article describes the peculiarities of deleting triggers from the system.
How to set up a postponed trigger
You can configure postponed triggers in the system that will be initiated automatically at a specified time, after the main trigger has been executed.
How to view the results of trigger executions
The results of trigger executions are recorded in the "Action log" section.
Table of compatibility between events and trigger actions
Triggers impose some restrictions on what actions can be performed after certain events. This article contains a table of compatibility between events and actions to be performed.