Analytics on personalized SMS
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General SMS sending statistics

This widget shows general data on sent SMS messages.

General statistics on SMS messages is a status funnel that shows the transitions of SMS statuses as a percentage. For example, there were 426 SMS (100%), of which 426 SMS (100%) were sent, 377 (88.5%) were sent to the operator, 335 (78.6%) were delivered, 21 (4.9%) were not delivered.

Dynamics of SMS sending

The widget shows the dynamics of SMS sending within a specified level of detail. The dynamics can also be viewed:

  • by months
  • by weeks and days

SMS dynamics can also be formed by SMS templates. On the right, similar to the dynamics of sending e-mails], explanations for each color on the graph are displayed, which can be deactivated if desired by clicking on the desired explanation.

When you hover over the corresponding lines, specific numbers are appear in the graph (in addition to being displayed in%); for example, delivered: 79% (64).

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