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Before installing PrestaShop, you need to create a store in the system.

When creating a store for PrestaShop, in the “Catalogue” tab, you must set the value “Upload from ICML” in the field of the same name, and a link to the catalogue file must be specified in the “URL of ICML file” field. Starting from version 3.0.5, the catalogue is generated automatically by hits. Information about hits can be found in the corresponding article.

If the “Working with warehouses” and “Reservation of stock balances” settings are active when uploading the catalogue, the total stock balances will not be uploaded.

If there are inactive product categories in the catalogue on the PrestaShop side, then the products belonging to this category will not be uploaded. This also applies to products belonging to at least one deactivated category in PrestaShop.


When the catalogue is uploaded to the system, prices for products will be automatically rounded to the nearest hundredth. It is recommended that you change the number of decimal places in the PrestaShop admin panel settings (path: "Configure" - "General" - set "Rounding mode", "Rounding type" and "Number of decimal places").

Next, you need to create an API key for to facilitate interactions between RetailCRM and PrestaShop. When creating the key, it is important to specify the previously created store.

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