Combining orders
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Combining is useful in a number of circumstances. Let's say a customer decided to buy something, and then made another order straight after. In this case, it's more convenient for the manager to combine both orders into one to work with.

To do this, in the order card, click on the "Actions" button and select the "Combine order" option. In the window that opens, you need to specify the order that it will be combined with (final order) by selecting its store and number. Next, decide how to quantify the items in the new combined order:

  • use the quantity of products from the current order
  • summarize the quantity of products in both orders
  • use the quantity of products from the order to be combined

If the orders to be combined contain identical varieties of items (product-item varieties, i.e colour, size etc)) and the setting for dividing a product is enabled, the products from the combined order will be added as separate items (the above-mentioned combing options will not be available).

Merging takes place in the background. Once completed, a notification will appear in the lower right corner.

After combining orders, all data apart from the details, will remain unchanged. The details will be shown in the combining window.

The new order created after combining can be either deleted or transferred to the cancellation status according to the option "Action for the order to be combined" in the system settings.

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