Sorting and paging of the order list
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If a comment has been left on the status of an order, it is displayed next to the associated status in the form of a "cloud" icon. When clicked, the comment expands in a pop-up window.

If the automatic distribution of orders by managers is enabled (and the checkbox "Show information about undistributed orders to managers in the "Orders" section" in the even distribution of orders to managers is active), information on the number of non-distributed orders will be displayed on the "Orders" page

How to sort the list of orders

Please note that, by default, the list of orders is sorted by creation date.

In order to sort the list by the values ​​of the columns, simply click on the title of the desired column (only the columns having with two triangles directed up and down are available for sorting).

If you need to sort in reverse order, then click on the column title again.

You can scroll through the list of orders page by page and select the number of elements you'd like to display on one page: 20, 50 or 100.

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