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How to add products to the website catalog?

The products that are displayed on the created site are directly pulled from the product catalog of the system. Add, change and delete products in the system - the up-to-date information will automatically be pulled up to the catalog on the site. Synchronization of the catalog in the system and the catalog on the site occurs every 2-3 minutes in case of adding new and changing existing products. In the case of deleting products and changing the catalog structure, the update occurs once a day, at night.


Only products that are active in the system with a price above zero are included in the catalog on the site.

How to hide a product that is out of stock?

Go to the site editor and select "Product catalog" in the list of pages. In the pop-in window that opens on the right, go to the "Settings" tab, where you need to activate the switch "Hide out-of-stock products". The same tab is used for configuring the sorting of products on the site.

How to set up a recommendation system in the product card on the site?

We are talking about such blocks as, for example, «Customers who bought this item also bought» or «Analogs» in the product card on the site.

A full-fledged system of recommendations or individual settings for each product on the site is not provided at the moment.

However, you can go to the "Product Card" page in the site editor and add the "Products" block using the "+ Add block" button.

In the settings of this block, to which you will go automatically after adding, in the "Products" tab, configure the display of products with certain tags.

You can also activate the " Mix products randomly" switch so that different products will be displayed when the page is updated.

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