Creation of a new site
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How can I create a new site?

To create your own site, you need to go to the "Sites" section and click on the "+ New site" or "Create site" button if it has not been created yet.

When creating a site, you should select a store existing in the system or create a new one.

  • When selecting from existing ones, only those stores that have a catalog maintained in the system and those that are not used by another site in the system are available for selection.
  • If there are no stores that meet the terms, you will be prompted to create a new one.

When creating a new store, it will have an empty catalog which can also be maintained only in the system.

Once the store is selected and the "Create" button is clicked, the process of creating a site will start which does not take much time.


After selecting/creating a store some fields in it are blocked for editing. Namely: URL, symbol code, activity and information on the “Catalog” tab.

The created site will be displayed in the general list.

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