List of chat templates
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In the system it is possible to use and transfer chat templates, which can be used to initiate chat communication with a customer of an online store.

Chat templates are located in the tab of the same name in the "Communications" section.

Templates from the provider are transferred automatically, but they must be activated before you start using them in an order/customer card or in a trigger for a missed call. Click on the "Add" button in the "Chat templates" section, select the desired template and select an event (order/customer/call). It is also possible to edit the name, activity and sending address (in the “To” field). At the moment, templates are created only when WhatsApp Business is connected.


Currently, you can only work with text templates.

In the "To" field, you can use a specific value in the form of a phone number or twig variables {{ customer.anyPhone|international_phone }} or {{ order.anyPhone|international_phone }}.

The messenger and the name of the channel are transferred to the "Channel" field, where it is possible to use the created chat template.

Below is the *"Template text"** that will be sent to the customer. The text cannot be edited, as it is verified separately by the operator.

Variables can be used in the text, instead of which the values ​​specified in the fields below will be substituted. For example, the template "Hello, {1}!" is used, where instead of {1}, the value specified in the next field "Value 1" will be substituted.

For use in variables, both plain text and Twig (with the output, for example, of the customer's name) are available.

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