"Indicators" widget
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This widget shows key customer metrics.

Selecting dates in the global filter affects how customers created during the specified time interval are filtered.


The indicators: "New Customers", "VIP Customers", "Bad Customers", "Orders per Customer", "Cancellations per Customer", LTV, Time Between Orders and "Returned customers" only include customers who meet the conditions of the global filter.

For the indicators: “Orders per customer”, “Cancellations per customer”, “LTV” and “Time Between Orders”, all orders are taken into account, including those that were not completed within the specified time period. Orders are not taken into account in which the customer was created earlier or later than the specified interval.

Let's consider some indicators separately.

Orders per customer- this indicator displays the total number of orders per customer for the specified period. It is calculated according to the formula: number of orders ÷ number of customers. Please note that this formula does not include canceled orders.

LTV- this indicator displays the total profit (gross profit) of a customer across their entire interaction with your company. The widget calculates the mean average profit for all customers for the specified period.

Returned customers- this indicator shows the average time from the customer's first visit to their first order.

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