"ABC / XYZ inventory analysis" widget
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This report displays the results of the ABC/XYZ inventory analysis. The ABC component of the analysis segments products by turnover importance. The XYZ component segments the products by purchase regularity. This report requires individual configuration according to product specification.

When you click on a cell, the product database page is loaded.

ABC analysis- a method that allows you to classify the resources of the company according to the degree of sales importance.

Products are classified into three categories:

  • categoryA- the most valuable products;
  • categoryB- intermediate products;
  • categoryС- products with the least importance in circulation

XYZ-analysisis a sales classification technique based on the regularity, deviations, jumps, and instability of product sales.

In the analysis, products are divided into three categories:

  • categoryX- products with stable sales;
  • categoryY- products with more significant deviations in the stability of sales;
  • categoryZ- products whose sales cannot be accurately predicted, fluctuations are too great.
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