Setting up ABC / XYZ product analysis
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In the ABC / XYZ-analysis, the store's sales volume is taken as one. Products are sorted by turnover importance (ABC); and by sales regularity (XYZ): best-selling - at the top, least-sold - at the bottom.

The system calculates ABC according to the following method:

  • a rating list of objects by income from sales is made up;
  • the share of the parameter from the sum of the parameters with a cumulative total is calculated. The cumulative share is calculated by adding the parameter to the sum of the previous parameters;
  • we select groups A, B and C: assign group values ​​to the selected objects.

The system allocates groups A, B and C by default in the proportion of 20, 35 and the remainder, respectively.

The system calculates XYZ according to the following method:

  • determination of the coefficients of variation for the analyzed resources;
  • grouping of resources in accordance with the increase in the coefficient of variation;
  • distribution by categories (X, Y, Z).

The system allocates groups X, Y and Z by default in proportions of 30, 50 and remainder, respectively.

For XYZ, you can additionally set a time step, which should correspond to the average frequency of product purchases.

After saving the settings, the recalculation of indicators begins in the backgroud. Upon completion, the user is notified.


Segments do not include deleted and canceled orders / customers.

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