General information about triggers
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A trigger in an event-driven tool used to automate various system processes. A trigger is activated when a specified event occurs, checks a set of given conditions and performs actions if the conditions are met.

Triggers can be divided into two types: external and internal.

External triggers

Triggers that involve external interactions with customers.

Examples of external triggers:

  • After a customer places a new order, an SMS is automatically sent with the following text: “Thank you for your order. We will contact you soon".
  • An order sent by Royal Mail arrives at the depot. The customer is automatically sent an SMS: “The parcel has arrived at the Post office. Please don't forget to pick up your order! Best regards, online store".
  • The storage period for the parcel has expired. A message with a similar text is automatically sent to the customer: “Hello! Your order from the "Clothes" store has been returned. Contact us if you want to re-order. 8-800-000-00-60".
  • The order's delivery type has changed to "Courier delivery". An HTTP request is automatically initiated to the API of the courier service to place a delivery request.

You can also use triggers to automate marketing emails and SMS messages to different customer segments.


If customers have invalid contact information, email/SMS message will not be sent.

Internal triggers

Internal triggers are those that automation various internal store processes. Examples include:

  • Automatically create tasks or send notifications to the manager or the head of the store in case of any changes; * automatically change customer or order data
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