Dealing with errors received as notifications
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The < bot name > account has too many errors. Please check if the connection is correct.

This error occurs if most of the incoming messages cannot be processed correctly by the module. As a rule, this happens if there are problems with message processing. For a quick check of operating capability try writing a message to the connected Viber bot - it should appear in Chats.

As a rule, errors of this kind pass over time themselves. Try to wait for some time. If the problem does not go away and messaging does not work, contact technical support.

Invalid Webhook Viber for < bot name > account

The address for sending webhooks from Viber is not set or has an invalid URL. This address is set when connecting bots to the module, so to solve the problem you need to delete the problematic bot and reconnect.

Invalid Viber token for < bot name> account

The bot token can be viewed on the bot info page. To update token for a bot in a module, you have to delete the bot with the problematic token and reconnect it with the correct token.

Problem accessing Viber < bot name> account

This error occurs if there are problems with the account on the Viber side: it is blocked, was deleted or is inaccessible. To solve such problems you need to contact Viber technical support.

Payment error of Viber < bot name> account

This error occurs when there are no funds on the balance of a paid bot, or the monthly message limit for a free bot has been exhausted.

Viber module is deactivated due to lack of correct connection.

The module automatically deactivates the connection to the system if no active bot is connected to it. An active bot is considered to be a connected bot with a correct token. If you no longer use the module in your work - you can ignore this message, it will no longer appear in the system. But if you use a module and have received such a message, you need to activate the module again and update the tokens of the connected bots. If deactivation happens again, contact technical support.

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