Basic settings of the Loyalty Program
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In the "Stores-participants" option you should select the stores, in which the Loyalty Program will operate. You can select several stores at the same time. For example, you can create one Loyalty Program for all stores, or for each store its own Program.


A store can participate in only one running Loyalty Program.

In the “Amount of purchases” settings block you can configure whether to take into account the cost of delivery in the calculation of the amount of purchases and at what moment the order amount will be summed up with the accumulated participation amount. Two options are available for selection: when the order status changes and goes to the “Completed” group or when the order is paid in full. The level of participation and, accordingly, the scale of its privileges will depend on the amount of purchases.


The amount of participation purchases includes all orders that were made after the customer's registration in the Loyalty Program in the stores in which it, the Program, operates.

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