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Let’s talk about some features of working with bonuses:

  • When accruing, the part of the amount paid by bonuses is not taken into account.
  • Bonuses with the nearest expiration date are written off first.
  • The bonus account does not go into negative.
  • When the product is returned, the bonuses are refunded.
  • You can not apply and accrue bonuses for delivery.
  • Bonuses are credited at the moment the order status changes and goes to the "Completed" group.
  • Bonuses for orders are set up in the section "Levels".

Please note that for manual writing off and accruals of bonuses you need to set up rights in the user group.

Bonus accrual settings

In the "Delayed activation of bonuses" option, the deadline is set after which the bonuses will be activated in the participant's card. The timeframe is calculated from the date of accrual of bonuses. Only activated bonuses can be used to pay for the order.

This option helps to reduce the likelihood of customers abusing the order return after using the bonuses accrued for it.

The "Rounding" option is used to round off bonuses being accrued. When the option is enabled, you can write off only an integer number of bonuses. Let's consider the features of the bonus rounding off operation:

  • When accruing, rounding off occurs to a larger integer.
  • Only the integer number of bonuses are used for write-offs as well.
  • The option does not affect the accrual under the conversion condition: the integer part is always taken.

Let's clarify the last point. If the terms for accruing bonuses according to rules with a fixed value are set in the level, then the bonuses to be credited will be calculated according to this very rule, regardless of whether the rounding off setting is enabled or not (for example, 1 bonus for every 100 rubles in an order). That is, here the rounding off setting does not affect the accrual of bonuses according to the terms set in the levels.

Write-off of bonuses

At the very beginning of the subsection, you should set the bonus exchange rate, that is, specify the amount of a discount equal to one bonus when writing-off. The maximum percentage of the purchase amount that can be paid with bonuses is specified below. Please note that the write-off percentage is calculated from the order amount, taking into account all applied discounts. That is, the calculation is made from the final sale price, and not from the initial one.

When activating the option "Confirm write-off by SMS", the Loyalty Program participants will receive an SMS with a confirmation code for the operation to write off bonuses from their account (which must be reported to the manager). If the function is active, writing off bonuses in the order without confirmation will not be available. We recommend using this feature to avoid theft of bonuses.

Customers receive SMS of the following type: 'Your verification code: '


Messages are charged according to your tariff. To use the function, set the sender name. SMS is sent from the verified name of the store, which is selected in the main settings of the Loyalty Program. If several stores are selected, it is sent on behalf of the store in the customer. If the names are not verified for each store separately - SMS is sent from the verified name by default.

Resending an SMS message with a confirmation code is available 60 seconds after the first sending. The lifetime of the code from SMS is 300 seconds (5 minutes). If the code is entered incorrectly, then 2 more attempts are given to enter (3 attempts in total). If the code is entered incorrectly all 3 times, sending and entering the code is blocked for 12 hours.

The "Use bonuses with discounts" option allows you to write off bonuses to pay for products in an order with any discounts: personal, additional, discounts under the Loyalty Program, as well as for products at promotional prices. That is, you can allow or prohibit the use of bonuses to pay for products to which [a promotional price] (/Users/Administration/Dictionaries/PricesType) or some other discount has already been [applied].

When activating the option "Minimum remaining value of the product", a field appears for entering the extreme value, which the system will not allow to cross when using bonuses. The option is used so that the total cost of one unit of product in the receipt does not equal zero. For example, 1 ruble was set as a limiter. In this case, the price of one unit of product, when writing off bonuses, cannot fall below the amount specified in the setting, that is, below 1 ruble.

Burning out of bonuses

Bonuses can burn out completely, partially or always remain active. Set up rules for burnout periods. There are three options to choose from:

  • Never.

  • From the date of the last purchase - the countdown starts from the date of the first paid payment of the last order. If there are no payments in the last order, the countdown starts from the moment the last order was completed.

  • From the date of crediting - the countdown starts from the date of bonuses accrual.


If bonuses exist, for example, 3 days after crediting, then the burning out will occur on the fourth day, since they can be applied on the third day at 23:59.

If you select the option "From the date of the last purchase", additional fields appear where you should specify the period and percentage of bonuses to be burned out from the amount of active bonuses on the participation account. By default, a value of 1 year is displayed with 100% bonuses burning out.

It is possible to specify several periods by choosing from preset values or by setting them manually. Each subsequent period should be longer than the previous one in time. For example, if a customer has not made a purchase within a month, then 25% of bonuses are burned out, after two months - 50%, and after three - 100% (all remaining bonuses are completely burned out).


100% burnout can be specified only for the oldest (last) period. You cannot specify two or more periods with 100% burnout.

If you select the option "From the date of crediting" - accruals are burned out completely. Please note that each bonus accrual has its own expiration date. That is, a certain accrual of bonuses is burned out, and not all bonuses of the customer. In addition to the preset dates it is possible to specify an arbitrary value in days, months or years.

In the option "From the date of the last purchase" - after the launch of the Loyalty Program, the expiration date cannot be changed. In the case of the “From the date of crediting” option, it is possible to change the terms, but they will be valid only for new bonus accruals.


After launching the Program it will not be possible to change the type of burning out of bonuses at the moment. This feature will be implemented later.

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