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The Loyalty Program is available on all tariff plans, except for the free one. On the "Trial" and "Professional" plans the full functionality of the Loyalty Program is available. Please note that for the Programs with advanced features only a package for 5,000 customers-participants is provided free of charge. If the number of participations in such Programs exceeds 5,000, additional participation packages should be paid for.

You can find out the price of the Loyalty Program participation packages on our website, on the "Tariffs" page.


Participations are the customers registered in the Program. Participations are counted in total for all the Programs launched in the system, but are charged only in the Programs with advanced features.

The current package of participations with the current balance can be seen in your personal account, in the “License” section, as well as in the profile pop-in window, which opens by clicking on the profile photo in the lower left corner of the workspace.

What is included in advanced features

Advanced features of the Loyalty Program:

  • Levels with privileges in the form of bonuses
  • Rules for bonuses writing off and burning out
  • Rules for activating participations in the Program, for example, making fields with phone and email mandatory
  • Events - Welcome bonuses for registration or repeat purchase, birthday bonuses

How the Loyalty Program is tariffed

If there are more than 5,000 participations in Programs with advanced features and you stop paying for them, such Programs are blocked, including for the first 5,000 participations. The data will not be erased, but operations with bonuses, discounts and events will be suspended.

Programs without advanced features will continue to work for free with any number of participations.


Participations are the customers registered in the Program. Participations are counted in total for all the Programs launched in the system, but are charged only in the Programs with advanced features.

Loyalty programs that use advanced features will have a lightning bolt icon displayed in the list .

A loyalty program is considered to be a paid program (with advanced features) if at least one of the following conditions is met:

  • There are active events in the Loyalty Program
  • The terms for accruing bonuses are configured in the levels
  • Registration of participation in the Program via SMS is enabled
  • The settings for verifying the activation of participation are set
  • The Program has participations with a positive balance of bonuses (including bonuses awaiting activation)
  • The Program has participations that have valid discounts for events


If the above listed conditions are not met, the Loyalty Program will automatically cease to be considered a paid program.

Please also note that verification SMS sent to confirm the write-off of bonuses or when registering in the Loyalty Program are additionally charged.

What happens if the Loyalty Program is not paid for

The list of Loyalty Programs displays a purple lightning icon-identifier for Programs with advanced features , and it also displays the number of participations - this information is necessary so that you know which Programs use advanced features and how many participations they have.


The number of participations includes all participations in the Loyalty Program, including deactivated ones.

The number of participations is counted only for active Loyalty Programs with advanced features.

If the participation package is not paid for or you have switched to a free plan, Loyalty Programs with advanced features will be blocked or stopped consequently. The blocked Programs will be marked by a red padlock icon-identifier on the list .

If the program was blocked/stopped, then:

  • Data on participations in the system is saved. Editing of participations and actions with them are not available. Customers cannot be registered in the Loyalty Program.
  • When creating an order, the choice of Loyalty Program privileges is not available.
  • Recalculations and assignment of participation levels are stopped.
  • Discounts under the Loyalty Program are not provided.
  • Bonuses for orders and events are not accrued or written off.
  • When working via API, some methods will not be available for operation.
  • SMS under the Loyalty Program are not sent (confirmation of registration and bonuses writing off).

You can enter the blocked Programs, change settings, and also stop their work - this is relevant if you do not need the current Program and you decide to take a smaller package of participations.

When editing the terms of a blocked Program, the recalculation of levels for participations will not start. After payment and unblocking, the Program recalculation will start automatically in 10 minutes.

The Loyalty Program is blocked or stopped in the following cases:

License not paid

In this case all Loyalty Programs are blocked. After payment for the license, the blocking is lifted, and the Programs continue to operate as normal.

Number of participations exceeded

A package for 5 thousand participations is provided free of charge, which are calculated in total for active Programs with advanced features. If the number of participations in Programs with advanced features exceeds this indicator, these Programs are blocked. After expanding the participation package, the blocking is lifted and the Programs continue to operate as normal.

If you changed the participation package to a free one (up to 5 thousand participations), but there are active Programs with advanced features in the system and the total number of participations exceeds 5 thousand, such Programs are automatically stopped. In this case, the system administrators will receive a notification and a corresponding entry will be displayed in the actions log that certain Programs have been stopped.

Free tariff plan

The Loyalty Program is one of the features that are not available on the "Free" plan. When the account is switched to a free plan (manually, via contacting support or automatically, upon completion of the “Trial” period), the Loyalty Program becomes unavailable. In this case, all Programs are stopped. When you upgrade to a paid plan, the Loyalty Programs you require should be launched manually.

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