Action log
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Action log entries are kept for up to two weeks.

The action log records different events that occur in the system. For example, you can see which managers deleted different orders or customers; which triggers work correctly or result in errors; why an order was not uploaded to properly, and much more. All log entries have three statuses:

  • information;
  • warning;
  • error.

You can also search by the text, for example, to find information about a specific order (i.e when an order was deleted, or when a particular trigger failed). In the "Message" field, you can enter an order number and recieve information regarding system actions related to that order.

The message text will contain the IDs of elements that indicate which trigger, template, product, etc. left this entry. For example, a trigger with id = 31\ did not work in an order. The ID is displayed in the URL of the page of the trigger itself (template, product, etc.). To switch to a trigger with id = 31, just open any trigger (template, product, etc.) and replace the current value with 31 in the address bar and press Enter.

Deleting an order

From version 2.5.0, you can delete orders in the system. Deletion an order is irreversible. Before performing the action, a form will appear prompting you to confirm the action.

After deleting the order, an entry will be recorded in the log regarding the time at which the order was deleted, the number of the deleted order and the user who performed the action.

Deleting a user

The operation of deleting a user is reversible within 14 days after deletion. The actions log displays information about both deleting and restoring a user.

The log will record the time of the action, which user performed the action.

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