Working with the marketplace
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The marketplace section contains all of the currently available modules for integration with your store. Please note that you can only integrate one module at any one time in the following sections: "Telephony", "Warehouse system", "Cash desks" and "Call tracking".

A small bulb symbol will light up when a module has been activated


This indicates that the module has been activated - not that it has been configured correctly.

Several connections in one module

If several connections are created within the same module, then several connections form a stack clicking on which opens a pop in window with all connections. You can rename the connections for convenience.

Paid modules

The marketplace contains both free and paid modules. Paid modules are displayed with their monthly cost underneath the name.


Every time you activate a module, funds will be debited from your personal account, regardless of how much time has passed since the last deactivation.

The cost is also displayed inside the activated module. The date of the next charge of funds is also visible.

If the module is not yet activated, a pop-up window appear upon opening. The window provides a description of the module, links to instructions, technical support and the developer's website, cost, and any free trial information (if applicable).

After the end of the free period, funds will be debited automatically from your account.


After the expiration of the free trial period, the module will be frozen if there are not enough funds in your account.

Information about debiting funds for paid modules is displayed in your personal account (in the "History of transactions" tab).

After paying for the module, the next payment will be debited one month after. The owner of the system will receive a notification informing them of the payment two days before it is debited.

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