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Images are the basis of all emails. No matter how attractive the text is, the message must contain pictures that evoke emotions, showing your products in the best possible way.

Adding images to an email template

To add an image, create a new structure with the required number of columns in the template.


To create a banner, use the "Banner" block. For other purposes, use "Image".

There are two ways to add an image:

  • drag and drop the image or upload it from your computer by clicking on the arrow icon and selecting the image
  • add a link to an external resource using the "Link to an external resource" field, where you can insert a direct link to an image

Images can also be edited once uploaded.

After uploading the image, click the "Edit" button in the settings panel to the right of the image fragment.

The image will open in the Pixie editor in a new drop-down window. In the editor, you can apply filters, resize and crop images, draw and place text, add stickers and frames.

After you've finished editing, click "Save" in the Pixie editor - and only then the changes made to the image will be applied

After clicking "Save", the image will be saved in the storage for future use.

Adding a banner to the email template

Stripo offers a banner generator that allows users to create complex banners directly in the editor without any third party tools.

Let's look at how to add a banner to a template:

  • add a structure to your email template
  • add the "Banner" block to the structure
  • upload the image you are going to use
  • on the settings panel, the system will allow you to crop the image if necessary
  • set the form factor (orientation) of the image. The image can be vertical, square, or horizontal

If necessary, you can apply a filter to the added banner.

Be sure to include a link that will take recipients to the desired page.

If you need to add text over the image, click on the "T" button in the settings panel. When it becomes light, left-click on the image. At the same time, you will see the inscription "Text" on the banner. Here, you can type your message and change the size, colour and font type.


You can activate the "additional picture" function in the settings panel, where you can add stickers, frames, logos, and backgrounds to make your text more visible.

When the banner is added, you can perform all the editing steps in any order.

Image rollover effect

The rollover effect in Stripo refers to when one image changes to another when you hover over it.

This feature will save precious space in emails as you can hide product details, for example, under a photo.


The rollover effect works on desktop devices. Other users will see only the main image.

This effect can be applied to any image that you add to the template, except for the banner.

Let's look at how to set up this effect:

  • upload an image
  • enable the "Rollover effect" button on the settings panel
  • upload the second image, and edit if necessary
  • paste the URL link - it will be attached to both images
  • enter alternative text
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