Stripo is an email template builder that allows you to create email templates without knowledge of HTML, using a visual editor. Find out how to activate and use it in the system.

How to enable Stripo template builder
Stripo is activated as an addition to the "Marketing" package. It is only currently available for use with marketing mailings, which is included when you purchase marketing with full functionality or the "Segmentation + mailings" package.
Content settings in Stripo
There are three blocks available in Stripo: structures, blocks and modules. This article describes how they can be used.
Configuring the appearance of an email in Stripo
This article describes the general settings for creating email templates in Stripo, including: How to add buttons, adjust responsiveness, email width, and the colour of the main elements.
Working with links and buttons
This article will show you how to add links or CTA buttons to the body of an email.
Adding images
This article shows you how to add an image or banner to your email template. It also explains the rollover effect is and how to work with it.
Adding video to email templates
This article describes how you can add a video to an email, as well as which platforms support playback directly in emails.
Creating product content modules
Product content modules usually consist of a product image, short description, price and CTA button. This article shows you how to create one in an email template.
Adding a countdown timer
Countdown timers in emails create a sense of urgency by notifying recipients when a sale is due or when an event is about to start. Learn how to add and configure a timer below.
Adding a spacer
A spacer is a decorative element that makes emails look structured and enhances the recipient's perception of content. The article describes how to add and configure it.
How to add links to social networks
Social network icons are used to prompt recipients to quickly jump from an email to a group or company channel. Icons can also be linked to company messengers for quick contact with support.