Adding a countdown timer
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Countdown timers in emails create a sense of urgency by notifying recipients when a sale is due or when an event is about to start.

The timer is created and configured directly in the editor.

Let's look at how to add a timer to an email template:

  • add a structure to your email template
  • add the "Timer" block to it
  • left-click on the block in the template to activate the settings panel
  • set date, exact end time, time zone and timer background colour
  • make changes to the size and colour of the numbers. Initially, Stripo applies the parameters specified in the general settings
  • turn on the "Display days" button so that recipients can see how many days are left (for example, 5 days 20 hours). Otherwise, only hours and minutes will be displayed (for example, 116 hours);
  • change the separator if necessary. “:” (colon) is used by default to separate days, hours, minutes and seconds
  • enable the “Number labels” button to display words such as “days”, “hours”, “minutes” and “seconds” below the corresponding numbers
  • select label colour, type and font.

If necessary, enable the “Expired timer image” option, which will replace the timer with the added image.

Be sure to include a URL for the timer that will take customers to the page they want. The specified link will also be applied to the picture that will be displayed at the end of the timer.

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