Content settings in Stripo
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Structures are elements usef to form email templates. They are used to insert an image, text or a button into the template. All three elements can be used within one structure (depending on the structure chosen).


Elements separate from the structure, which are used for a single (pointwise) placement of the necessary content, for example, a picture, video or navigation menu.


The "Modules" section is used to save all kinds of content to your personal library for further use.

A ready-made "Footer" module is available to be used, which contains a link to unsubscribe from the mailing. This is located in the "Common" tab.

The "CRM" tab may contain saved modules that are available for use in further mailings.

The system allows you to assign a name to the saved item in the settings panel for ease of searching.

After initial configuration and editing, you can create entire emails by simply dragging and dropping modules into the template.

It is recommended that you store the following elements: headers and footers, contact information and containers with smart elements. The former remain unchanged; in the latter, new links will need to be inserted.

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