Creating and working with mailing

Instructions for creating and configuring mailing lists. Mailing by customer segment.

Mailing list and viewing mailing statistics
In this article we tell you how to work with the mailing list and statistics for each mailing.
Working with segments for emails
When creating a mailing, you can select one or several created segments by which sending messages will be done. This article will show you what additional tools are available when working with segments while creating a mailing.
Working with the list of emails
Find out what you can see in the mailing list and the options that are available to select
How to use the sent email report
Understand which metrics are displayed in the mailing statistics and how they are calculated.
"Send to" block configuration
How to create an email template
The block "Mailing template" specifies the data that will be sent to customers from the previously selected segments. In this article you will learn about how to use template fields and with postponed mailings.
Email settings
The mechanics and methods of calculating the conversion for a mailing aare specified in the mailing settings. In these settings, you can also bind a new mailing to a previously sent one. How to work with the above-mentioned blocks is explained in detail below.
Setting up the «Mailing» block
For the most part mailings are intended for communication with your customers. In the article we will consider what communications are available in a mailing and how to work with them.
The conversion block is used to calculate the conversion (receipt of new orders) as well as to collect and view analytical data on UTM tags in Yandex.Metrika and Google Analytics after sending Email and SMS.
Mailing process
The article describes the process of sending a mailing list