How to create an email template
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In the “Mailing template” block you can specify the data that will be sent to customers from previously selected segments.

Sender details

The field can contain both the address itself, for example,, or an extended entry like: John Smith <> This entry allows you to specify the name of a contact person, and the recipient will see not just an e-mail, but who exactly wrote to them.

E-mail subject

The subject can be set either in plain text or as a twig-template. For instance:

New order on website  {{ order.customer.lastOrder.number }}

The email subject can display parameters about the last or first order, but not a cancelled one. Cancelled orders will be ignored. Familiarise yourself with the available fields in the corresponding article (link to the dev section).

You can also display data from the customer card in the email subject. All available data is indicated in the article by the link.


This is the text that appears in the mail program after the subject. In the text, you can use twigs, which will allow you to display personalised information about the customer. The preheader is invisible in the body of the email. The customer will see the entered text only in the list of emails in the mail program.

Preheader display is not supported by some mail services (for example,

Text Template

In the system settings there are options for the displaying of the e-mail editor]. There are three options to choose from: a simple editor, a visual editor, and Stripo. Let's consider each of them.

Simple and visual editor

Information that will be displayed in the main content of your e-mail. For instance:

<p>Dear {{ order.nickName }}, </p>

<p>Your order №{{ order.number }} has been confirmed. The order is being processed at the warehouse.</p>

The information that will be contained in the body of the email is formed by using HTML and CSS styles, common layout and Twig template engine , due to which you can display all available parameters from the reference book of objects]. Using this tool, you can create any email design.


Stripo Letter Builder allows you to create responsive email templates without HTML knowledge, using a visual block editor and intuitive tools.

After activation, you will see the "Email builder" button when creating an email template. Clicking on this will take you to the email editor.

A template created with html or the visual system editor is not editable with Stripo.


Don't forget to include a link to the unsubscription page. For example: <unsubscribe>Unsubscribe from mailing</unsubscribe>

Attached files

You can attach a file to the template. Please note that you can attach up to a maximum of ten files, the total size of which should not exceed 10 megabytes.

Date and time of sending

Here you can specify when you would like the mailing to be sent. By default, mailing will be sent immediately after clicking on the"Send"button. If you select the option "Specify the date and time of sending", a link will appear. Clicking on the link will open a window with a choice of date and time for the sending of the mailing. After choosing the date and time, the system will automatically send the mailing in the specified range.


Postponed mailing can be modified before it is sent to customers.

After the postponed mailing is formed, a message informing you about the date and time of sending will appear. The messages themselves differ depending on the time in which the mailing is viewed.

  • if the mailing card was opened before the execution date, the message «The mailing will be sent \date of the mailing\ at \time of the mailing\» will be displayed (in the screenshot below);
  • if the mailing card was opened on the day that the mailing is due to be sent, the text will change to «The mailing will be sent today at \time of the mailing\»;
  • if the mailing card was opened on the day of sending less than an hour before it is due to be sent, thenthe text will remain the same, and the hint «Save all changes before sending. If you need more time for editing, cancel the sending to transfer the mailing to draft» will be displayed;
  • if the mailing card was opened five minutes or less before sending, the text «\n\ minutes left before sending» will be displayed. The hint next to the sending time remains, but is also duplicated at the top of the mailing card.

To the right of the message there is a button"Cancel mailing". Clicking on this will cancel the generated mailing and change its status to 'Draft'. Canceled mailings, if necessary, can be sent again.

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