How to use formed segments
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Generated customer segments can be used in the following ways.

Sending E-mail and SMS-messages

After the segment is formed, it is possible to send E-mail / SMS-messages to the customers in the segment.

For more information about working with segment mailing, see the corresponding section .


Formed segments can also be used as rules to trigger mechanics for a certain group of customers.

For more details on working with rules, see the corresponding section .

Triggered personalised mailings

The trigger can be configured so that E-mail or SMS messages are sent when a customer enters a segment. Technical information on the specifics of configuring triggers for segments can be found here .

Example:It is necessary that three months after purchasing a product from the "Chinese tea" category, customers must get an E-mail / SMS with a proposal to repeat the purchase with a 5% discount using a promotional code. In this case, a segment is created with a filter by the purchase from the "Chinese tea" product group and the date of the last order up to three months. After that, create a trigger for changing a customer, in the trigger condition add a check for adding a customer to the segment created earlier and assign the action "Sending e-mail by template".

Automation of customer interaction

There may be situations where it is required that the manager contacts certain customers who have made purchases earlier. In this case, use segmentation of the customer base in conjunction with a trigger. Configure the trigger so that when the customer enters the segment, a task is created for the manager, or the trigger sends a notification to the manager.

Export of customers

You can also filter the customer lust by segment. Filtered customer lists can be exported to csv or another convenient format for mailing or analysing the uploaded data.

Example:A marketing specialist can filter customers by segment, which includes a filter by the source "Yandex Advertising", see the list of customers and upload them to a file for a report. If few customers entered this segment within a certain period of time, then the marketing specialist may decide to remove ads from Yandex and direct resources to another source.

In addition, filtering the list of customers by segment is also available in the API.

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