How to use the sent email report
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After sending out mailings, you can view statistics on sent emails, delivery/sending dynamics and mailing templates for each customer.

Please note that the method for calculating the conversion rate of a mailing depends on the type: *E-mailing*- only those customers who opened the email from the mailing list are counted in the conversion. SMS-mailing**- only those customers to whom the SMS-message was delivered are taken into account in the conversion.

How are mailing metrics calculated?


In some cases, coverage may differ from the number of messages sent. For example, errors may occur during sending, or messages may not be sent due to an insufficient balance of funds on your account.

  • The indicator "Coverage" includes customers from the selected segments, except for those who have an invalid or no email address / phone number and those who have unsubscribed from the mailing list.
  • The percentage in the "Sent" indicator is calculated from the coverage of the mailing.
  • The percentage in the indicators "Delivered" and "Delivery Errors" is calculated from sent messages.
  • The percentage in the indicators "Opened", "Clicks", "Complaints about spam" and "Unsubscription" is calculated from delivered messages.

The block"Mailing template"displays the sent e-mail and and the format in which it is displayed to the customer. Next to the name of the block, a customer is selected from the mailing list. After selecting, the template sent to this particular customer will be displayed.

It is also possible to create a copy of the mailing.

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