Linking orders
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This function allows you to link orders and process them simultaneously, without combining them into one order. Linking is useful if multiple orders are related but are to be delivered seperately or at different locations. Customers, for example, might request this type of arrangement.

In the linking setup form, you must specify the order number and store (in the same way as is done when combining) and a comment if desired.

After linking, orders will display a corresponding text with a link to the linked order. When you hover over it, a comment will be displayed. The cross next to the order number allows you to break the link.

Please note that not only manually linked orders are displayed, but also those orders that are linked through a common order. For example: order No. 1 is linked with order No. 2, and order No. 2 - with order No. 3. In order No. 1, you will see a link with orders No. 2 and No. 3.

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