Working with the collection of products from warehouses
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This section is neccessary to change the status of a product and move it to the shipping warehouse.

Activate the "Work with warehouses" option to make this section available

“Collection of products from warehouses”is located in the “Warehouse” section of “Activity”.

You can also go to the section directly from the order by clicking on the "Collection of products" link in the "Warehouse" block. By default, after switching from an order, the filter will be set by the order number from which the transition was made.


This section displays only those products that are booked in orders, i.e. the shipment warehouse is specified.

In the "Has a reserve" column, the reserved (but not shipped) products are displayed. There is also a filter of the same name, which allows you to sort the list by the specified property.

Filter configuration

Filter field explanations:

  • If you filter by the field"Product status", the list will display those products that are in the selected status. For example, if you select the "Out of stock" or "Confirmation of availability" status, a list of products in this status will appear. You can export this list to an Excel spreadsheet and request information from suppliers about when the products will be in stock.
  • If you filter by the field"Warehouse", a list of products that are in not completed orders on a specific warehouse will be displayed.
  • If you filter by the field"Order number", a list of products in a specific order will be displayed. For each product in the list, a warehouse and a courier, if assigned, will be displayed. For the order to move, for example, to the “Assembling” status, you need to identify all products where no courier is assigned and apply the courier assignment function.


In the column settings in the table, you can display product photos.

Purchase price

If the option to display purchase price is enabled, the corresponding filter will appear in the "Collection of products from warehouses" section.

Along with the indicators of interest, you can see the purchase price in the selected filter next to the price of the product in the store.

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