Working with order shipments to the delivery service
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The subsection displays a list of courier pick-up requests. Orders with a shipment date before the current date are marked as completed.

How to create a shipment request

Click on the"Create shipment"button to start building a shipment. Additional fields will be displayed depending on the delivery for which the shipment is being created.

Delivery time ranges can be specified in the settings ].

Orders for further shipment are added to the "Shipment composition" block. To add orders, you must click the "Add order" button.

In the window for adding orders, you will see the "Select all" button. Upon clicking, all orders according to the current filter are included in the request.

Added orders will be displayed in the "Shipment composition" block. At the bottom of the table, the number of added orders and their weight are displayed.

Using the"Clear composition"button, you can clear the list of added orders.

After saving the new shipment, it is automatically transferred to the delivery service.

The shipment is considered completed at the shipment date.

Points to note when working with shipments for different delivery services

If your store is integrated with the DPD delivery service, the "Printing DPD Shipment Register" button appears when you have create a shipment. To print documents, you only need to specify the shipment date.

Please note that if there are no orders, a corresponding error will appear.

After saving, for some deliveries (for example, with DHL), the "News" status is assigned to the shipment card. In the specified status, you can edit, cancel and delete the shipment via the interface. Following the transition to the next status, these options are absent.

For some deliveries (for example, with SDEK), after saving, you cannot edit, cancel and delete the shipment via the interface.

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