Cumulative discounts
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A cumulative discount is a discount on the total volume of purchases made within a certain period of time.

The cumulative discount is calculated automatically by the system. Manual editing is not available.

The cumulative discount is activated in the "Discounts" section of the system administrative settings.

The settings specify the ranges of sales volumes that the customer needs to achieve in order to get a discount on the next purchase. Each range has its own discount. You can specify both a general set of ranges, and ranges for individual segments. If the ranges and the percentage discount for them are changed in the system, and according to the new rules, the customer gets a smaller discount, then it is not recalculated or reduced automatically, but remains as it is.


If the “Marketing” package with the “Segments” option is not active in the license, then you will not be able to select a segment for setting the range. Relevant information will be displayed during set-up. If ranges using segments have already been configured, then the rules will be applied to customers who managed to get into the segment before marketing was turned off.

What happens if a customer falls under several rules?

If the customer falls under several rules, the largest of the discounts will be assigned. If no segment is selected in the rule, the rule will apply to the entire customer base.

In the settings, you can specify when the sale is taken into account (option "Sale is taken into account"):

  • at the moment of transfer of the order to the "Completed" status group;
  • at the time of payment.


If a paid/completed order is subsequently cancelled, then its cost is not taken into account in the cumulative percentage.

The "Recalculate cumulative discount" function, when enabled, recalculates the cumulative discount for all customers at once. The function can be used when the store already has a customer base in which it is necessary to recalculate the cumulative discount for old customers.

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