Permitted status transitions
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In the system administration settings you can configure an algorithm for transitions from one status to another. This is carried out using the status transition matrix. The matrix can be configured for ​​a specific order type or user group (depending on the selected settings).

To reduce the time of setting up status transitions use the following special options:

  • Select all - when clicked, all cells will be filled in.
  • Reset all - when clicked, all filled in cells will be reset.
  • Fill in from - allows you to copy an already configured status transition matrix from another order type or user group (depends on the selected matrix type in the system).


When you click on the column/line header, all the checkboxes for this status are removed or set.

If all checkboxes in the table are active, there are no restrictions on transitions from status to status.

An example of a sequential transition from status to status will look like this:

This means that you cannot go back and you cannot jump over the status. A tick in the box between two statuses indicates that transition between the two is permitted.

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