How to create a warehouse
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To work with warehouses and display the "Warehouses" tab in the "Stores" section, you must enable warehouses in the "Warehouses" section.

To add a warehouse, click on the button of the same name.

When creating a warehouse, fill in the main fields and settings, address, working hours and contact information.

Working time is used when working with integrated deliveries. You can add several lines of working time with different settings, but note that you cannot select the same days of the week in different lines. Please also note that lunchtime must be selected within working hours.

Please note that when working with integrated deliveries, the warehouse address must be filled in completely, and the values ​​(city/street) must be selected from the list offered by Geohelper.


If the "Supplier's warehouse" warehouse type is selected, the reservation is not set when reserving in this warehouse. That is, the free stock balance does not decrease, as it does with other types of warehouses.

In the warehouse settings,the “Type of stock balances” field type allows you to select either a precise “Numeric” stock balance or a binary (Yes/No) “Availability” indicator in the warehouse.

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