Main warehouse settings
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The "Main" tab allows you to set up warehouses and the reserving of stock balances.

How to work with orders using the "Work with warehouses" setting enabled is outlined in the corresponding article.


If the "Work with warehouses" setting is disabled, only two sections are displayed in "Activity": "Products" and "Shipment of orders to the delivery service". When activated, two more tabs are displayed: "Collection of products from warehouses" and "Movements of products.

How to work with an order when the "Reservation of stock balances" setting is enabled is outlined in the corresponding article.

Using the "Allow catalogue editing" setting, you can edit your product catalogue and add new products manually. For more details, see related article.

When you activate the reservation of stock balances setting and then activate the editing of stock balances, an additional tab is displayed that allows you to work with the stock balances in the "Activity" section. Using the "Allow editing of stock balances" section, you can manually edit stock balances. For more details, see related article.

The "Allow the use of a common article for all product varieties" setting is relevant if the same article is used for variations of one product.

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