Product page

Main blocks of the product card. Editing settings.

Creating and setting up a product
We describe the features of creating a product in the system
Main product information
The "Data" block displays the main information for a selected product, for example:product name, SKU, product group, segment, manufacturer etc.
Sales statistics in the product card
Statistics that show product sales data.
"Product-item varieties" block
This article describes what a product-item variety is, and how it differs from a single product.
"Analogs" and "Purchased with this product" product card blocks
This article describes the "Analogs" and "Purchased with this product" blocks in the customer card, and the information that they contain.
Product-editing settings
This article describes the parameters you must check before starting to work with the catalogue, in addition to and how the settings influence automatic uploading.
Creating a product by manually editing a catalogue
Learn how to create a new product, in addition to the required settings
Editing a product and product varieties
This article will explain which parameters can be specified when editing a product or product-item variety
Product stock balances and reservations
This article describes how to work with stock balances and reservations within a specific order.
Deleting a product and product-item varieties
Learn how to delete both a product and product-item varieties, and understand what happens to an item variety when you delete a product.