Main product information
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The "Data" block displays the main information for a selected product, for example: product name, SKU, product group, segment, manufacturer etc.

Let's take a look at the block on the right-hand side of the display (non-statistical):

In this section, you can see the labels that have been attached to the product (i.e 'best seller', 'new', 'recommended' etc); the stock balance for the specific product, and an image f the product. When you hover over the image, an enlarged version will appear.

Sales statistics in the product card

What can you see in the product sales statistics widget?:

  • Select the period within which sales statistics on the product are monitored
  • For the selected period, you can view a graph showing the dependence of sales on the hour / date / week / month
  • The statistics widget can be expanded into a more detailed graph that opens in a pop-up window

"Product-item varieties" block

If a product has different variations (i.e size, color, fit etc.) product-item varieties are used to simplify and streamline product-related activities, rather than having seperate product cards for each variation of a specific item. If product-item varieties exist for the product in the card, a small number will be displayed in red to the right of the 'Product-item varieties' text. This refers to the number of item varieties in the catalogue.

In the "Product-item varieties" block, different product-related parameters are placed in separate columns. Please take into account information regarding product-item varieties when integrating your store catalogue with the system.

"Analogues" and "Purchased with this product" blocks in the product card

The blocks specified above aggregate product-specific information based on system data.

Analogs are displayed automatically - these are products from the same group as the current product; that close in price (+/- 15%); and have positive stock balances.

In the "Purchased with this item" block, products that are commonly purchased with the current item are displayed.


The setting "Dislaying products" affects the selection of products in the block "Accompanying products" . Both the recommendations from the system and from RetailRocket are subject to this setting.

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