Setting up a form to add products to an order
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This function allows you to configure the parameters used to add products to an order.

There are three options to choose from:

*Display all*- displays products regardless of their activity and stock availability in your warehouses. Display active products only**- only displays active products, excluding stock balances. *Display only active products with positive stock balances- only displays active products with positive stock balances in at least one warehouse. Products with a stock balance of zero are not displayed.


This function affects how products are displayed in the "Related products" block. Recommendations from the system and from RetailRocket are also subject to this function.

How to add a product characteristics filter

The next four options display the corresponding filters in the card used to add a product.

When the catalogue is uploaded from an ICML file, an additional product characteristics filter becomes available.

The "Add characteristic" button will allow you to select additional filter parameters from those included in the ICML.

Depending on the characteristics entered in ICML, you can choose your own type of filter:

*Line*- where the value is manually entered. In this case, it is necessary to correctly specify the name of the parameter, taking into account the case (for example, the size S and the size s are different parameters). Drop-down list- allows you to select one of the available parameters. Multiple сhoice- allows you to select several characteristics. Number**- filter by a numerical value. *Range- a bar with sliders which will allow you to set the largest and smallest value required.

The specified filters will be displayed in the window used for adding products.

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