Order details

Working with products on the order page. Information on how to properly interact with the catalog when adding products, discounts and warehouse options, and how to eliminate the appearance of incorrect data.

Working with order details
This article describes the main mechanics of order details, including working with VAT, product statuses and duplication of product varieties.
Adding a product to an order
This article describes how to add a product to an order and how to work with filters and catalogues. Rules for applying discounts are also discussed in this article.
Related products in the order details section
This article describes the list of analogues and additional products in the order details section, and how these relate upsales and product replacements.
Editing product properties in an order
This article describes the different types of product properties and how to configure them in an order.
Selecting a product warehouse
This article describes how the process of working with warehouses, the reserving of items and the possibility to split by quantity or warehouse.
Filter by region and city of warehouse
Additional filters when choosing an optimal warehouse for reservation.
Reservation of products (accounting for warehouse stock balances)
Tracking the stock balances of products to optimize logistics. Conditions under which stock balances are not written off.
The "Warehouse" block in the order card
This article describes information about the selected warehouse on the order page and how to ship from it.
Product price in an order
This article describes the selection of a currency in the system, as well as the settings for working with prices and information about discounts.
Purchase price
The purchase price in the order can be displayed in edit mode, view mode, or not displayed in the order at all. This can be configured in the "Orders" tab of the "Administration" section.