Adding a product to an order
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Upon clicking the "Add product" button, a product selection form opens. The form has a set of filters and a product search field (you can search by product name, ID, article or barcode).

You can also sort products by name and price regardless of the price type. The set of filter fields can be configured in the "Products" section. For more details, see the "Settings for products" section.

If a product has several varieties (product-item varietes), then these will be included in a drop-down list. To enhance the search process, the list defines product-item varieties by their differences rather than similarities.

To add a product to the order, simply click the name of the desired item. After it has been added, the product name will become greyed out. A small blue text stating 'In order' will also appear to confirm that the item has been added successfully. The prodict quantity can be increased by clicking on the '+' icon. clicking on the minus icon until the quantity becomes zero will remove the product from the order. The stock quantity of each item in the warehouse is displayed in the 'Availability' column and is updated in real-time.

After adding a product to the order, it is possible to supplement the list with the same product as a separate item. To do this, click on the corresponding icon in the line of the product that has already been added to the order.

A duplicated product variety is added immediately after the original, and each subsequent duplicate is added to the end of the list.

If you have turned on the "Display only active items with positive stock balances" product display filter in the system settings, then products with a stock balance of zero will not be displayed in the product selection form.

For each item in the product selection form, two icons are displayed on the right hand side next to the price:

- The small icon in the shape of a monitor leads to the product's page on the website, and the icon in the shape of a warehouse leads to the product's card in the system.

In the order card, you can view the key metrics of the products that have been added to the order (i.e price, cost, quantity and VAT rate).

When changing the quantity of products in the order, the calculation of the cost and total amount occurs immediately, without need to refresh the page. Below the product, to the right side of the page, there is a trash can icon which allows you to delete the product from the order.

The discount for the order is not calculated based on the total amount of the order. Rather, the discount percentage is distributed among the products and taken based on the price of each item.

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