Setting up price types
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In the "Price types" tab, you can configure rules for the displaying of prices. For each price type, you can specify a set of conditions that determine whether or not a product price can be used in an order.

A product can have several types of prices that are available for selection by a manager when placing an order.

By default, the "Basic" option is active. It can only be deactivated if other price type options are present. The "Basic" price type has no conditions of use, therefore it can be used for any order. The base type of the price cannot be deactivated and it is not possible to select the “Promotion price” value for it.

Setting up conditions for applying price types

The main data is entered in the tab called "Main"


The "Order" parameter is responsible for the order (sequence) in which price types will be displayed, and what type of price will be applied automatically first.

In the "Rules of using" tab, you can view the rules according to which the usage of price types will be initiated.

In the "Groups" field, user groups are selected that can choose the selected type of price for the product when creating / editing an order.

In the field "Filter" the condition is entered according to which the using price types will be carried out. This field is filled in by analogy with triggers.

"Regional restrictions" are set if you want this type of price to be applied only in a certain region, or city. For example, only in Moscow.

To select a region, you must click on the field where is written "There are no restrictions." A window will open in which you need to select country, region and locality. Above the columns there is a search bar to facilitate searching. There is possibility to select several regions.


The created price type works only in the selected region. Recalculation takes place in real time. That is, if another region is selected, this type of price will not be displayed in the order.

The principle of working with this data book is described in the article "Working with price types".

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