Setting up payment types
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The "Payment types" tab contains a list of all possible payment options. This refers to all payment options beyond cash or card, therefore it is also necessary to mention connected services, such as Yandex.Money and WebMoney, QIWI terminals, and others.


When connecting integration payment modules, the payment type will be created automatically with typical settings.

If you provide products on credit and cooperate with the relevant creditor services, then these must also be specified as a specific payment type. In the future, it will be possible to analyse the profitability of purchases made on credit.

We also advise that you distinguish between the following two payment types in the system: “By credit card on the site” and “By credit card upon receipt” (in case of self-pickup or delivery by courier).

Adding/editing payment type

You can add a payment type using the "Add" button. To edit a payment type, click on any area in the row of the desired payment type.

In the new payment type form, you must fill in all of the fields:

  • Symbolic code - required when accessing the system via API. This is specified when changing the order status via API for data book fields (order type, delivery type, payment status, etc.).
  • "Default payment type in the system" - ticking this will set the value of the payment type automatically for orders created manually in the system.
  • "By default in API" - ticking this will set the value of the payment type automatically for orders that come via API, if the payment type is not explicitly specified.
  • Description - allows you to specify general information regarding this type of payment.
  • Statuses - allows you to specify available payment statuses for each type of payment.
  • Integrate with - allows you to specify whether this type of payment will refer to an integration with an external payment system. Integration with Yandex.Checkout is available by default (if the module is connected and active), but you can also write your own module for integration with payment systems. This field is set once and after saving is no longer edited.
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