Working with payments in the order
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The payment area contains the "For payment" field and the list of payments, each of which has a status, date and amount. To add a payment, you need to click on the "Add payment type" button and select the desired option from the drop-down list.

The lists of types and payment statuses] are configured in the corresponding data books.


If the amount to be paid is entered manually or via API (not calculated automatically), then when the order is changed, its value won't be updated.

When using the integration module (for example, Yandex.Checkout), you can only change the payment data up until the invoice is issued.

The customer can also pay for the order via cash on delivery. The payment amount should not exceed the cost of the order. If, for the type of delivery selected in the order, several types of payment are marked with a check mark “Cash on delivery”, then only one of them can be selected in the order.

Full payment date, i.e. the moment when the paid amount becames equal to the order sum, is displayed in the history.

To delete a payment, you need to click on the "trash can" icon on the right side of the card.

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