History of changes (in an order)
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To view the order history changelog, click on the "History" button at the top right of the order card. The corresponding link opens the list of changes that have been made to across an order's life-cycle.

The tab "Status changes" contains the following information: name and status group, the time at which there was a change in order status, who actioned the status change, and how long the order was in each status for. If a comment was added to a status change, this will be displayed in a separate field, clicking on which will open a window with the full comment text.

The tab "Order change" contains a complete history of changes. For each parameter, the previous and current value is shown, in addition to the date of the change and the user who actioned the change. If the change occurred according to the settings of the system itself (i.e through an automated process), then the value "CRM" is displayed in this column. If an order change was carried out manually, the name of the user who actioned this change will be displayed. In other cases, a pop-up hint will let you know which type of entity was responsible (i.e a manager, trigger, integrated API etc). Clicking on the link will direct you to the page of this entity in the system (i.e the manager's card, trigger settings or API key, respectively).

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