Setting up payment statuses
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Payment statuses show the current state of an order payment. The most common status generally indicates whether the payment was made or not (i.e Order paid, or Order not paid). However, you can also create intermediate payment statuses,for example, for purchases made on credit. In this example, it's possible to create a status for each stage of credit approval. The final status should therefore be of the "Paid" category (status group), but should be given a specific name related to the payment type, for example, "Paid on credit." The selected statuses will be displayed in the order.

Adding/editing a payment status

You can add payment status by clicking on the "Add" button. To edit, simply click on any area in the row of the desired payment status.

Here, you will we see a list of the usual configurable fields, with the addition of the "Payment made " field. If this parameter is checked, this order will be displayed as completed in the list of orders, that is, there will be a blue tick in the "Payment" column.

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