Setting up invoice statuses
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The "Invoice statuses" section is required to set up correspondence between invoice statuses and payment statuses.


The invoice statuses section is only displayed if at least one module for payment integration is connected.

Please note that in the "Successfully paid" field, you can only specify payment statuses with an active "Payment made" checkmark in the settings of the status itself.

Invoice statuses only have to be configured once. These settings will then apply to all payment integration modules.

Invoice statuses have their own execution priority in the order card:

  • paid
  • waiting for confirmation
  • refund made
  • cancelled
  • waiting for payment

That is, several invoices are issued within the framework of one type of payment (for example, payment by link and payment by SMS). When the status is transferred for one of the invoices, the system will check for the presence higher priority payment statuses. If the transferred status is lower in priority than the current one, then the status will not be changed.

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