Price types in an order
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Let's see how created price types are applied in an order.


Price types are displayed in the order according to the application rules] specified during their creation. For example, if London is specified in the regional restriction, then the created price type will not be displayed for other regions. Or, a filter can be configured that allows you to select the price type, providing that there are more than three identical products in one order.

Add a product to which the price type will be applied and set the region that you specified when configuring.

When adding a product to the order card, select the price type. You can also filter by price type here.

You can specify the price type for each product in the order separately. To do this, click on the name of the price type in the same line as the product.


Price types in the product and order card are available if there is more than one active price type. Otherwise, the price types interface will not be displayed.

When changing the price type, the sum of the products is recalculated in real time. When using a region that is not covered by the "Regional restrictions" setting at the same time as attempting to change the price type will result in an error, which states that the current price type is not available for this order.


Regional resitictions will only be triggered if they are selected from the list, since only in this case the values ​​are associated with the Geohelper.

If the value is not associated with Geohelper, then the corresponding icon will be displayed on the right. When you click on the icon, a pop-up window opens with the appropriate options from the Geohelper service.

If you cannot add the price type that you created, check if there are any restrictions by user group, region or filter.

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