Product price in an order
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Price- refers to the cost of the product in the currency specified in the system settings. How to select the required currency is described in the article "Main settings".

Depending on the "Product price in order" setting, the price can be displayed in two modes: Viewing mode (the value cannot be edited), and Edit mode (the value can be edited).

A discount in the form of a fixed sum or a percentage can be set both for the entire order and for separate products. The system limits the discount level, preventing users from setting a discount that is higher than the cost of the product or the entire order.

The discount on the order is not calculated on the total order amount, but is distributed among the products. To ensure that the product margin dosn't become negative, the purchase price of the products is taken into account when distributing the discount.

When changing the quantity of products in the order, the calculation of the cost and total amount occurs immediately (accounting fot the discount). Therefore, you do not have to refresh the page.

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