Settings for orders

Output to order of different options. The logic of assignment and distribution of orders.

Order number settings
This article describes how to set up a number generation template to distinguish the orders created manually and the orders received via API.
Distribution of orders to managers
The system allows you to set up an automatic distribution of orders to managers. This article describes how to configure it correctly.
How to add identical product item-varieties to an order as separate items
This function allows you to add or divide one product item-variety in the order into several identical ones.
Displaying of prices in an order
Setting up a purchase price is required for it to be displayed in the order.
Adjustment of order discounts
The setting automatically adjusts the order discount if it cannot be divided between products.
Configuring the rounding of product prices
Rounding is applied to product items in the order. The cost that is deducted from the sum of the product as a result of rounding goes into the discount of the product.
Setting up delivery times
The delivery time configuration function allows for maximum flexibility in managing delivery times.
Setting up order weight and dimensions
Information regarding an order's weight and dimensions is usually required by most integrated delivery services.
Finance automation settings
This article describes the options that allow you to automatically create or delete costs when an order is transferred to a certain status.
Actions for combined orders
The "Actions for combined orders" setting determines what happens to an order after it has been combined. By default, the order is deleted, but it is also possible to transfer it to the cancellation status.