Displaying of prices in an order
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Purchase price

Setting up the purchase price is required for it to be displayed in the order card.

If you display the purchase price in the order card, two modes become available for selection: 1) viewing the purchase price or 2) editing from the order card.

Product price in order

The setting allows you to select the mode for the price of the product in the order. If the price is fixed, then managers do not need to change it. If you are using individual products or services, you can display the price in editing mode.

The "Change the product price type with a change in product quantity" setting allows you to disable/enable the automatic substitution of the first price type in order, the filters of which the order corresponds. The setting is executed when the quantity of a product changes within one position.

The "Change price type for product in order if current type is unavailable" setting allows you to automatically change the price type of the product if the order does not meet the filter conditions of the current price type. The setting is executed when the order is saved.

For more information on price types, see related article.

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